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Have You Been Arrested for DUI in Orlando or the Surrounding Counties?

If you’ve been cited for a DUI, it’s important that you take immediate action. The state of Florida places deadlines on alleged DUI offenses, which need to be dealt with if you are going to have the best chance of preserving your driving rights. Furthermore, you face an array of other potential criminal penalties, from hefty fines to jail time, lengthy community service, and more. When this is your second or subsequent offense, the possible penalties increase. 

The sooner you contact the Law Office of Guy H. Gilbert, the sooner you’ll have an experienced DUI attorney on your side — one who will fight for your rights and help determine the best strategy for avoiding a conviction or getting a lesser sentence. With more than 27 years of experience in representing clients against Florida DUI charges, your case will be in the hands of a professional with a proven track record. That is the level of proficiency you need when seeking the best possible outcome. 

Florida DUI

DUI charges are based on the following:

  • An impairment of your “normal faculties” due to alcohol and/or drug intoxication, as witnessed and stated by the arresting police officer; or
  • An unlawful blood alcohol concentration (BAC) measuring .08% or higher (known as the legal limit.) For those under 21, the legal limit is .02%, while drivers of a commercial vehicle can be charged if their BAC measures .04% or higher.

You can even be charged with DUI if you are not actually driving, such as when parked with the keys in the ignition. As a licensed driver in Florida, the state requires you to consent to a chemical test of your breath, blood, or urine when a law enforcement officer requests it. If you refuse the test, you will automatically lose your license for one year. 

After being arrested for any DUI, you will have only 10 days from the time you receive your citation to request an administrative DMV hearing to challenge the automatic suspension of your license. If you fail to request a hearing, you forfeit your rights in the matter and your driving privileges will be suspended. 

At the Law Office of Guy H. Gilbert, we represent drivers in all types of misdemeanor and felony DUI charges, such as:

DUI charges are based on whether you are facing a first, second, or subsequent offense; whether your BAC was .15% or higher; whether you had a minor in the vehicle at the time; and whether you injured or killed someone. 

Imprisonment is at the court’s discretion. Our skilled DUI attorney will inform you about your current legal options and ways to pursue them. This may include your sentence being served at a residential alcoholism or drug abuse treatment program or your time in such a program being credited toward the term of imprisonment. A conviction will require the completion of DUI school and treatment before your driver’s license will be reinstated.

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